Drew Minns

Drew Minns is a Developer, Designer and Educator focused on creating great products with awesome teams.

As Lead Developer at Playground, and previously a Technical Architect at Huge, Drew worked with and lead multinational teams to deliver technology projects for Nike, Four Seasons, CBC, MEC and Telus. Working collaboratively with creative and strategic disciplines and with a guided with a deep appreciation for Product, Drew delivers beautiful scalable and accessible products with a purpose for everyone.

Working with HackerYou and Humber College, Drew has had the priviledge of sharing his passion for technology and creativity with over 300 students. As well, Drew has contributed to Smashing Magazine.

Current technology toolset includes React, React-Native, Swift, Expo, Vue, Redux, Vuex, GraphQL, Apollo, Node and Ruby On Rails. Behind the scenes knowledge includes AWS, Linux, Docker, Jenkins, Travis and Redis, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme and Jest.

You can contact him or visit his Github