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    React, GSAP, Tailwind, Apollo, GraphQL, TypeScript

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    Office Bureau

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The AZ Awards are an annual award presented to outstanding designers by AZ Magazine. The awards recognize and celebrate the best practices and design excellence in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Good Neighbour Home Page

Office Bureau contacted me to develop the 2022 year site that they wanted to be interactive and immersive. Working with the OB design team, I explored multiple approaches such as ThreeJS and Lottie to create and display information. After prototyping and exploring, I eventually settled on using Greensock to help pin and control interaction from scroll events.

Good Neighbour Home Page

To fetch the data, we used an existing WordPress instance with a GraphQL plugin that served data to the app that was using Apollo to fetch the data. The WordPress instance provided a secure and robust platform for the data, and the GraphQL plugin enabled us to access the data quickly and efficiently.

Good Neighbour Home Page

The overall project was a success and the AZ Awards site was able to provide the interactive and immersive experience that Office Bureau was looking for. The awards site was able to showcase the awards and its recipients in an engaging way that allowed visitors to explore and discover.