Shopify Hydrogen

The Shopify Design team had a problem. They needed a launch page for their new Hydrogen framework which allows developers to use React Server Components and Tailwind to build storefonts. So, they hired Half Helix, a software engineering firm, to build the page. Half Helix then hired two developers, one of them myself, to complete the project.

Good Neighbour Home Page

We chose to use Sveltekit and Tailwind CSS to create the page, allowing them to quickly and easily build a fully responsive design. The page also featured a unique design element: transparent video backgrounds. This allowed us to use background grids to create a more dynamic, responsive design.

Good Neighbour Home Page

The development team also worked closely with the Shopify Design team to ensure the page was optimized for maximum impact. They paid careful attention to the page's user experience, making sure the page had a smooth, intuitive flow.

Good Neighbour Home PageGood Neighbour Home Page

The final product was a stunning launch page for the new Hydrogen framework. See if you can spot the secret Tobi :).